self-service ˌself-ˈservice adjective
a self-service shop, restaurant etc is one in which customers get the goods themselves and then go and pay for them:

• a self-service food concern

— self-service noun [uncountable] :

• The average gas station in the US offers a generous discount for self-service.

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self-service UK US /ˌselfˈsɜːvɪs/ adjective COMMERCE
used to describe a store, restaurant, etc. where you are not served by an employee, but collect goods or food yourself: »

a self-service store/station/gas station


To keep costs down, the cafeteria is self-service.


a self-service counter/kiosk/till


self-service banking

self-service UK US noun [U] COMMERCE
a system in which customers are not served by an employee, but collect goods or food themselves: »

The new store will also feature the U-Scan checkouts for speedy self-service.

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